Group Classes

These are the cornerstone of what we do at Iron Eagle CrossFit. CrossFit is a fitness program designed using constantly varied, functional movement performed at a relative high intensity. As a truly functional program, we design our daily workouts to be scaled up-or down-to be accessible to all populations. If you’re just starting out, we recommend coming three days/week for your first couple weeks, then build to four, then five. Once you’re up to five days per week, we recommend building in two recovery days per week.

Beginners Classes

These classes are technique focused with a short conditioning segment at the end. CrossFit methodology is Technique, Consistency and then Intensity. We take as much time as you need to learn a skill. These classes are for pure beginners (just getting off the couch) and also for athletes that want to get back to basics (always recommended).

Mobility Classes

These classes work on “stretching” in the classic sense as well as functional mobility where we work the shoulder and the hips. These classes use a variety of techniques (foam rolling, flossing, banded distraction) in an effort to help athletes prevent and reduce restrictions. Our goal is get you moving better and moving well.

Team Sports Training

We train High School sports team just prior to their pre-season. This program focuses on functional fitness, core strength and mobility. We use assorted equipment such as barbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars and drag sleds, along with speed, agility and reaction drills to prime your mind and body for the rigors of your sport.

Obstacle Fit Classes

Our Obstacle Fit classes develop the skills and strength needed to complete an obstacle course race. Whether you are looking to complete your first race or your fiftieth this class is what you need.

High School CrossFit

The program focuses on nutrition, functional fitness, core strength and mobility. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. All levels of fitness are welcome. This program is designed for the athlete that wants to get in shape for their sport or take it to the next level as well as the person that wants to start doing something but regular sports just don’t cut it.The classes can be scaled for athletes throughout the year. Whether they are in season, between seasons or off season.

Personal Training

One on one training with a coach. This option is great for someone coming back from injury, has finished their physical therapy but still needs to bridge the gap before joining the group training classes. This option also works for someone who wants to work on a specific skill such as the Olympic lifts or muscle ups.