2 classes/week
  • Enjoy 2 classes CrossFit classes per week. This option is great for a beginner or someone just starting out with CrossFit.

Obstacle Fit

3 days/week
  • Whether you are an experience Obstacle Course Racer (OCR) or a bare bones beginner
  • Obstacle Fit is for all of you that are:
  • 1. looking to do your first race
  • 2. get over that one obstacle you can’t seem to manage
  • 3. feel better during your event
  • 4. want to change your training up a bit
  • 5. any other reason you are looking to swing on rings, cross ladders, carry sandbags, flip tires, climb walls and get dirty.

Personal Training

  • These classes are perfect for someone that wants the one on one attention. Not everybody wants to train in a group environment. This option is great for someone
  • recovering from injury
  • beginning their fitness journey
  • working on a particular skill set (Olympic Lifting, Running mechanics)
  • an advanced athlete who wants individual programming to dial in their next race or their next race season

High School CrossFit

  • This class is for High School Age boys and girls. We will help develop your Power, Speed, Endurance and Agility
  • Utilizing a combination of CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, running and rowing and more.

Unlimited CrossFit

  • Allows access to all CrossFit classes throughout the month.

Punch Card

  • Allows a maximum of 10 classes of your choice.